Naturopath and Staff

Sharon Krahn

Traditional Naturopath and Owner of K6 Wellness Center

Sharon is a Traditional Naturopath, Registered Nurse, and BioSET Practitioner with over 16 years experience in Functional Wellness. Through her own personal experience as well as extensive and on-going education with leading experts in functional, alternative, and allopathic arenas (Curriculum Vitae and Personal Story), Sharon brings the best of time-tested truths and the latest scientific research together to help her clients recover from acute and chronic health issues and gain a better quality of life. To learn more about  what K6 Wellness has to offer you, call us at 214-352-7546 or email our office by clicking here.

K6 Wellness Staff

Sharon Krahn – Traditional Naturopath and Registered Nurse, Katie Krahn – Lymphatic Therapist, Thermography Technician, Elena Bach – Wellness Coach, Lymphatic Therapist, Thermography Technician, Kathy Stevens – Traditional Naturopath, TKM, and EFT practitioner, DeeAnne Burkhardt – Emotional Wellness Coach

K6 Wellness Staff