Sharon Krahn – Traditional Naturopath

Sharon is a Traditional Naturopath, and BioSET Practitioner with over 11 years experience in Functional Wellness. Through her own experience and extensive and ongoing education (see below), Sharon brings the best of time-tested truths and the latest scientific research together to help her clients recover from acute and chronic health issues and gain a better quality of life.

Sharon Krahn became interested in the study of natural health through her own health crisis. At the age of 26, with 3 small children and the sudden issue of repeated miscarriages, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that offered no hope of recovery. With a family to care for, ‘no recovery’ was not an option. She decided to pursue alternative means of help. In her search for alternative healthcare, Sharon found great Naturopaths with whom she began her new treatments. She began to feel better, function better, and experienced new energy and a general sense of well-being. At her lowest health point, she could not get out of bed for longer than a few hours before exhaustion forced her back to bed. Driving was a challenge due to the pain in her arms that prevented her from holding the steering wheel of her car for very long. But finally, after 10 years of pursuing better health via nutrition, lifestyle changes, various forms of bodywork, BioSET®, and nutritional therapies, Sharon finally received a perfect report on her yearly lab work. Sharon no longer has a single marker of autoimmune disease and is able to enjoy a very active lifestyle.

This restoration of health is not taken lightly by Sharon; she continues to practice the therapies that keep her feeling great including, exercise, nutritional supplementation, periodic detoxification/fasts, and building margins into her life that allow her to run her own life and not the other way around.

Common Conditions Sharon can address:

  • Mental Health: Stress Management, anxiety, depression, general fatigue and low mood, seasonal affective disorder, dementia
  • Digestive Complaints: irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, celiac disease, gas and bloating, GERD, acid reflux/heart burn, ulcers, poor digestion
  • Immune and Respiratory Issues: autoimmune disease, allergies, food sensitivities, asthma, COPD, sinusitis, bronchitis, cold and flu treatment and prevention, frequent infections
  • Women Health Conditions: hormone balancing, thyroid health, breast health, PMS, PCOS, irregular or painful periods, pre/post menopause, yeast infections, endometriosis, fibroids, osteoporosis, cervical dysplasia,
  • Mens Health Conditions: hormone balancing, thyroid health, high blood pressure, injuries, low libido
  • Pediatric and Dermatological Conditions: Teething and colic, recurrent infections, ADD/ADHD, Bedwetting, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Dry Skin
  • Disease Prevention: Healthy Aging, Weight Loss and Maintenance, Nutritional counseling, Detoxification support, food sensitivity testing,
  • Other common conditions: insomnia, thyroid disorders, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraine, headaches, diabetes, injuries, arthritis, gout


2004 – Bachelor of Natural Health – Clayton College of Natural Health
2005 – Doctor of Naturopathy Clayton College of Natural Health
2020 – Associates of Nursing (RN) Brookhaven College

Certifications and Advanced Training

2005 – Basic BioSET® Training
2005 – Intermediate BioSET® Training– Certified as a Practitioner

2006 – Advanced BioSET® Practitioner Seminar – Certified as a Practitioner

2007 – Advanced BioSET® Practitioner Seminar

2008 – Clinician’s Training at Autism Research Institute
2008 – BioSET® Advanced Seminar
2008 – BioSET® Advanced Seminar
2008 – Entry to BioSET® Premier Practitioner Internship Program
2008 – Nutramedix Treatment Protocols

2009 – BioResonance Research Hormone Therapies Seminar
2009 – BioEnergetic Methodologies Seminar
2009 – BioSET® Advanced Seminar
2009 – Completion of BioSET® Premiere Practitioner Internship Program – Certified as Premier BioSET® Practitioner

2010 – CORE Concepts for Nutritional Medicine – Functional Endocrinology
2010 – BioSET® Advanced Seminar
2010 – 13th Annual BioEnergetic Lyceum Conference
2010 – 2013 – Apex Energetics – Neuro-Immunology

2011 – BioSET® Advanced Seminar
2011 – Fit By Design through Designs for Health

2012 – Joined Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine; Attended Conference in Dallas, TX.
2012 – TKM® Level 1-2 Training
2012 – BioSET® Advanced Seminar – Sleep and Emotions

2013 – Apex Energetics – The Neuro-Endocrine Immunology of Exercise
2013 – Apex Energetics – Early Signs of Brain Degeneration
2013 – BioSET Advanced Seminar – Vaccination Safety
2013 – 21st Century Epidemics: Autoimmune, Lyme, and Stealth Infectious Disease
2013 – Female Fertility by DiagnosTechs
2013 – Neuroendocrine Approach to Anxiety & Depression by DiagnosTechs

2014 – Dr. T. Chi – Fingernail and Tongue Analysis
2014 – Apex Energetics – Fundamentals of Functional Blood Chemistry
2014 – CranioSacral Therapy I – Upledger Institute
2014 – Sexual Dysfunction in Females & Males by DiagnosTechs
2014 – Homeopathy Miasms

2015 – Mastering the Thyroid Apex Energetics
2015 – Chi Enterprise Genetic Characteristics and Expressions Tongue and Fingernail Analysis

2016 – Fundamentals of Functional Blood Chemistry Apex Energetics
2016 – Neuroendocrine Immunology and Renewing: The Aging Brain

2017 – Neuroendocrine Immunology, Food Sensitivity: The Hormone Connection
2017 – The Neuroendocrine Immunology of Mucosal Immunity
2017 – The Healing Codes
2017 – Functional endocrinology Apex Seminars