What Your Tongue and Fingernails Say about Your Health

What Your Tongue and Fingernails Say about Your Health

tongue analysisIn the past, it was standard for doctors to ask patients to stick their tongues out for examination. Over the years, the prevalence of this practice has faded with the emergence of new technological diagnostic equipment. What people don’t realize is that the tongue as well as the fingernails provide an important insight into our health conditions.

The tongue’s top epithelia layer regenerates every 3-4 days, making it ideal for determining immediate changes in the body. Looking at your tongue first thing in the morning, before you brush your teeth or eat, can tell you if you properly digested your food from the night before, if your colon is clear, if your organs are working properly,  and it can even aid in diagnosing disease.

The tongue shows distinguishable characteristics that correspond to organ functions.

tongue map

The color of the tongue can  tell us about what system, meridian, organ, etc. is under stress.  A healthy tongue will have a light pick coloration. A discolored tongue is a sign of sickness.

  • A yellow coating on the tongue can signify a digestive problem
  • A white coating on the tongue can signify  a lung problem
  • A black coating on the tongue can signify a kidney problem

Not only are the color and coating important, but also the shape, moisture and features of the tongue. For example, red spots on the Tip (Lung/Heart area) are usually not severe but may signify  the beginning stages of illness. A dry tongue often results from a swelled-up salivary gland. A white circle coating on the middle to back of your tongue can indicate that you have toxins in your colon.

Fingernail analysis can also give insight to your health conditions. They can help determine which organs are weak and which are healthy. Since the nails are the last to receive oxygen, because they are the farthest from the heart, they are often the first to show signs of disease processes.

Healthy fingernails should be strong, pinkish in color, smooth and have a white crescent, called the lunula,  at the base.  Each finger, except the little finger, should have a lunula. The lunula is an indicator of good thyroid health. Each nail that is missing a lunula shows a weaker thyroid. The size of the lunula is important, too. For example, if the thumb lunula is too large,  the heart and circulation are working overtime and eventually this overworks the heart.  You may be exhibiting high blood pressure.

Not only are the lunulae important, but also the nail color, texture and markings on your nails. For example, white spots on your nails can indicate kidney or hormone imbalances, zinc, calcium, or Vitamin A deficiency. Just as the eyes are a window to your soul, so are your fingernails.

There is much, much more to be gleaned from simply looking at your tongue and fingernails! If you would like to see what your tongue and fingernails have to say about your health, especially as related to heart, digestive, cancer, and hormone health, schedule and appointment. The Tongue and Fingernail Analysis  appointment only takes 30 minutes.

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