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At K6 Wellness Center, we use Rife to support the recovery of such health issues as cancer, allergies, digestive complaints, auto-immune disorders, and much, much more!


Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was the first scientist to really delve into the unknown science of mechanical vibration and its effects on the microscopic world in and around us.  His work spanned the early decades of the twentieth century.  While his story is very interesting, it is not the focus of this page.  Rather, we want to briefly explain the concept of Rife Technology and how it applies to many health issues.

How it Works

An authentic Rife machine will emit an audio and/or digital frequency that is delivered through either a metal plate or plasma bulb.  The recipient may or may not “feel” the delivery of that frequency. Furthermore, the recipient may feel great following a Rife session or very tired. Some report having Herxheimer reactions that last up to a few days.

Rife machines generate vibrational energy fields. Rather than heating up a cell or object with destructive heat like a microwave does, Rife generates mechanical vibration without destructive heat at such a level and intensity that it literally shatters or breaks up the objective (crystal glass, virus cell, cancer cell, parasite, spirochetes, etc.)

If you are interested in using Rife Technology, give us a call today!

For more information, watch these videos: