If you suffer from PMS, perimenopause, menopause, infertility, depression, anxiety, ED, or some other hormonally related health issue, take heart, K6 Wellness Center can help you.

There has been much misinformation published about what you should expect if you have had a hysterectomy, or if you suffer from ED or infertility. Most often we have been told that the best we can hope for is a pharmaceutically-induced (unnatural) hormone rebalance. However, K6 Wellness Center maintains that you can recover from hormone imbalances without the use of patches, pills, and creams every day for the rest of your life.

Addressing hormone imbalances using homeopathic remedies to reeducate the body to stimulate the natural production of hormones from various glands and organs involved in the endocrine system, K6 Wellness Center has been very successful helping clients obtain great results using natural methods because we are able to do more than merely treat the symptoms. K6 Wellness Center will address the root cause of hormonal imbalances and restore the body’s ability to function optimally with balanced hormone levels. (The time required for hormone rebalancing is dependent upon the severity of your condition and your compliance with the recommendations.)

K6 Wellness Center’s Hormone Balancing Protocol

Call to get lab test for 5-element saliva hormone test
Submit your 5-element saliva hormone test to lab
Make appointment with K6 to discuss lab-test results and recommendations
Have occasional follow-up appointments to monitor progress for 2-3 months
Retest hormones using 5-element saliva hormone test after 90 days
Schedule appointment with K6 to discuss lab retest results and further recommendations or maintenance necessary for long term benefits