EAV Testing                       BioEnergetic Testing                       Electrodermal Screening

                    Muscle Testing / Applied Kinesiology                                                   Galvanic Skin Testing

What do they all mean??

All of these terms describe energetic testing techniques rooted in physics. Whether you are measuring the conductivity of the skin, congestion in meridians, or muscular reflexes, all of the above mentioned measure the natural energies (electrical currents) or lack thereof within the body while in the presence of a foreign substance or in response to organ/muscle stimulation.

When performed correctly, energetic testing is a highly accurate and low-cost method to gather information about the body. Having been used for many years and with great results, this type of testing allows the Practitioner to gain valuable insight into the functional health of the client. K6 Wellness Center is proud to use the IQS (Interactive Query System) as its main testing tool. Each of our Practitioners have obtained numerous hours of training with this system. Numerous clients have reaped the benefits of detailed testing aimed at accurate supplementation and desensitization therapies over the years. Call K6 Wellness Center today to find out more about how this type of testing can help you on your journey to Great Health.