What is it?

Dry skin brushing is a great way to get your lymph moving. Improving the flow of your lymphatic fluid can help boost your immune system, circulation, and even boost your energy.

How to do it!

Dry skin brushing is most effective first thing in the morning with a long handled natural bristle brush. These brushes are sold at most health stores like Whole Foods or Sprouts, or ordered online from Amazon. The long handle is essential for reaching your back while brushing.
A few things to note before you start dry skin brushing:

  • When you brush, wherever you are brushing from you always brush towards the heart.
  • You do not need to press down very hard on the brush when you are brushing, just make sure that the bristles are making good contact with your skin.
  • Dry skin brushing will also remove dead skin, so be sure you are standing in the shower or tub for easy cleanup afterwards.

Start the dry skin brushing session at your feet, brushing over your toes, the sides, and the top of your feet. Lift your foot and brush the bottom side of your foot up your heel. You want to do several strokes on each area 7-10 strokes is best. Continue up your legs, 7-10 strokes on the front, each side, and the back of your lower legs moving next to your thighs.  Again brushing front, sides, and back.
Next you’ll start on your abdomen. Brush from your hips up your belly to your chest. Again doing 7-10 stokes over the surface of your abdomen and chest.
Next start at your fingers brushing all sides of your arms and hands bringing those strokes in toward your chest. Brush your underarms and sides or your torso towards the heart.
Now the back. Put the brush on your low back and bring the strokes up over your shoulders to bring the strokes to your heart. Try to cover the entire surface of your back when you do this.
Finally the neck, using very light strokes gently brush down from your jaw and bring strokes around from your spine to the front and down towards your heart.

That’s it! That is your quick morning dry skin brushing routine.