Whooping Cough – Should You Worry if You Don’t Vaccinate?

Whooping Cough – Should You Worry if You Don’t Vaccinate?

Little girl with the fluPertussis or “Whooping Cough” is a bacterial infection that is making a comeback in many states. It has reached epidemic proportions according to Dr. Carol Baker, the director of the Center for Vaccine Awareness and Research at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. I have seen this topic covered all over the news and in various medical journals this year. But what is less publicized is the fact that as many as ninety percent of those affected by whooping cough have been vaccinated for it! If you ask any doctor if it is worth vaccinating for they will undoubtedly tell you that you should absolutely vaccinate your children – despite the profound failure rate.
Why is the failure of such a touted “treatment” not being more widely talked about? I will refrain from answering this question – talk amongst yourselves though.

Pertussis is routinely treated with antibiotics and can range from a mild case to being fatal. What determines whether a person is fatally affected or mildly affected? Extenuating circumstances concerning an impaired immune system will absolutely play a role in how serious the infection can become. If you choose not to vaccinate or have vaccinated and want to make sure you do not become  infected, keep reading!

How do you effectively prevent pertussis / whooping cough? The best prevention is a strong immune system! As for any respiratory condition it is very important that you not smoke, drink lots of water, eat your veggies and take needed nutrients. Some of my favorite products to boost immune function and prevent sickness are:




If you do become infected, consider these beneficial recommendations for anything respiratory in nature.


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Lastly, do not hesitate to call us if we can help you!




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