Say No to Sports Drinks

Say No to Sports Drinks

With the weather heating up and as we spend more time outside, it is important to stay hydrated.  Our first instinct may be to grab a Gatorade, or other sports drink. Most parents would rather buy their kids a sports drink than water, but we don’t realize what they are consuming with their sports drinks.

Sports drinks are a combination of non-purified water, sucrose, glucose, and fructose (which is nothing more than SUGARS); artificial colors with some potassium and sodium (the electrolytes) thrown into the mix. In other words, sports drinks are artificially colored and flavored sugar water. I believe they do more harm than good!

Did you know?

A 32 ounce Gatorade  has a staggering 14 teaspoons of sugar.

A 20 ounce Vitamin Water has just over seven teaspoons.

A 20 ounce Powerade has seven teaspoons of sugar.

No one needs that much sugar!!

Another hidden ingredient in sports drinks is brominated vegetable oil (also known as “BVO”). It is a chemical that keeps two liquids mixed together. It acts as a binding agent, also known as an emulsifier, and it prevents the flavoring and other ingredients found in our drinks from separating and floating to the surface. Bromine is also used to keep couches and carpets from catching fire! Yes, that is added to certain drinks such as  Powerade, Mountain Dew, and some citrus sodas to protect flavor. Research shows that BVO accumulates in fatty tissues and may cause serious health problems.

So the next time you want to stay hydrated, don’t grab a sports drink….stick with WATER!

You can also make your own sports drink.  Check out our YouTube video  “How to make Salt Sole.

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