Our Favorite “Green” Tips

Our Favorite “Green” Tips


Going green can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many choices and changes how do you know where to start?  Often times when something feels overwhelming,  start with 3-4 things and build from there.  Everything little thing you do is important. Not sure where to start?

Here are some easy, green tips and some of our favorite “green” products.

1. Use grapefruit seed extract as a fruit and vegetable wash instead of expensive wash and sprays.

2.  Use essential oils instead of antiperspirant.

3. Compost food scraps.

4.  Plant a garden.

5. Make your own household cleaners.

6.  Shop local farmers markets.

7. Instead of disposable water bottles, try Full Circle Glass Beverage Bottle.

8.  Unplug unused appliances and chargers.

9.  Shop garage sales, thrift stores and Craigslist first, instead of buying new.

10.  Use a Diva Cup for monthly cycles.

11.  Walk or ride your bike when it’s possible.

12.  Use Norwex microfiber cleaning cloths instead of cleaners with chemicals.

13. Buy organic produce and products whenever possible.

14. Switch to cloth napkins and cloth paper towels. Try Natural Linens. They also sell reusable sandwich bags.

That doesn’t sound so bad, now does it? We’d love to hear what your favorite “green” tips are.


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