Monitoring Your pH

Monitoring Your pH

Monitoring your body’s pH level is very important to your overall wellness. It may sound complicated and depending on who you talk to…. it can be! For this post, I will try to make this as simple as possible. So here are your pH basics:

  • pH means “potential hydrogen”
  • The total pH scale is from 1 to 14, with 7 being neutral
  • The lower the pH reading (less than 7)  the more acidic and oxygen deprived the fluid is
  • The higher the pH reading (more than 7) the more alkaline and oxygen rich the fluid is
  • Our ideal pH is slightly alkaline – 7.30 to 7.45

If you aren’t sure what your pH level is, try this simple at-home test that measures the acidity of your urine (first or second urine of the day is best) or saliva.

  • Testing with urine: Either urinate directly on the paper or collect urine in a cup and dip the paper into the urine in the cup. Please note that first morning urine (after 6 hours of sleep without urinating) is the most valuable pH reading according to most experts. However, there are some who believe that the first morning urine contains the acidic wastes built up overnight so the second urine of the day is a better indicator of your true urine pH.
  • Testing with saliva: Rinse your mouth with water, spit it out into the sink, and spit again. Collect some saliva in a spoon and moisten the paper in the saliva. Do not eat, drink or brush your teeth before the test.

Most people are too acidic,  in large part due to the typical American diet, stress, and toxicity. Our diet is far too high in acid-producing animal products like meat, eggs and dairy, and far too low in alkaline-producing foods like fresh vegetables.We also we eat acid-producing processed foods like white flour and sugar and drink acid-producing beverages like coffee and soft drinks. We also consume artificial sweeteners which are extremely acid forming. Drugs are acidic too, by the way!

Let me interject an interesting little factoid here: coffee is so acidic that it takes 6-7 cups of water!! That is a lot of water required to help off-set the acidifying effects of your morning cup o’ joe!!

This chart will help you see what foods are acidic or alkaline.

The most important thing we can do to promote a healthy pH is clean up our diet. It’s time to start eating vegetables and “real” food.

Our goal at K6 Wellness is to help you and your family on your journey to great health. Please let us know how we can help you.



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