How about a side of Yersenia with your pork chop?

How about a side of Yersenia with your pork chop?

Consumer Reports recently came out with their findings from a “pork test”. It appears they found a nasty little bug called yersenia in almost 70% of all pork tested! Yersenia can cause diarrhea, nausea, food poisoning and is often mistaken for acute appendicitis. It affects over 100,000 Americans every year – that are confirmed.  While the CDC maintains that it is rare, many healthcare practitioners find it to be quite common in their patients.

Worse than the Yersenia, however, is the amount of antibiotics found in pork. Frequent use of antibiotics causes antibiotic resistant strains of microbes to develop. Even if you are not taking antibiotics, if you are consuming meat products from animals that have been awash in antibiotics, you are at risk for developing a “super-bug”. Did you know that 80% of all antibiotics in the US are used on animals being raised for meat?

Is there any safe pork?

Pork skins are a definite NO!

Sausage was found to have much more microbial presence than larger cuts of pork. Of course, grinding increases the potential for contamination.

The safest pork is a larger cut of meat that has been cooked to 145 degrees internally, according to the Department of Agriculture.  I recommend 160 degrees to be really safe – or better yet, have fish instead!



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