Gene Test for Individualized Weight Loss and Optimal Fitness

Gene Test for Individualized Weight Loss and Optimal Fitness

Have you ever heard, “one size fits all”? or how about, “just do this exercise program and you will be ripped in 6 weeks”? or, “Eat this, drink this, and you will be 2 sizes smaller in 30 days?”

Have you discovered the truth:  One Size does NOT fit all?!

Life has provided ample evidence that one person does not usually respond to stimulation the same way as another person.  Understanding our DNA helps us to understand what works for our bodies and what doesn’t work. What we know about DNA has changed the way science is used for health, enabling us to provide INDIVIDUALIZED information specific to you rather than “programs” and “packages”.

A new revolutionary DNA test examines five genes, four of which are receptors, directly linked to how the body reacts to food and exercise, thus identifying the specific stimulation required for the receptors.

What does that mean in English?

The results of this test provide a clear, unquestionable map of how your body works, so you can best understand what to eat, what exercise plan to use and which supplements to take so that you can be your most fit.

This completely eliminates the trial and error necessary when starting a new exercise program or diet as the information gathered in this test is guaranteed 100% accurate

Who is this test for? This test is for anyone. Whether you need to lose weight or not; if you are exercising and not seeing results, or just want to know if you are doing the best for your body – this test has valuable information for you.

But why would you want to use this test?

  • If you have spent a lot of time working out without seeing results
  • Simply striving for optimal health
  • Frustrated at a plateau in weight loss or exercise program that fails to yield weight loss results
  • Overweight or obese clients looking to get healthy and minimize health risks
  • Professional athletes seeking to fine-tune their program and improve their performance
  • Older child who is overweight or needs guidance on how to eat and exercise to be healthy and avoid childhood obesity or future health complications

If you are interested in Gene Testing, contact K6 Wellness.

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