Throughout the 20th century and even today there has been much debate surrounding fat. At one point, we were told that all fat was bad and we should eliminate it from our diet completely. That ushered in the mass production of an array of “fat-free” foods aimed at helping Americans accomplish the task of living fat-free while not sacrificing the “crap” that we enjoyed most.  Today, there is still conflicting information about fat, how much we should eat, what kind, how much should be plant-based or animal-based, saturated vs. unsaturated, etc…

Fat is essential to human body function. Your heart, brain, hormones, and skin, among other things, rely on fatty acids to accomplish their natural functions. Not all fats are created equal, however.  Some fats are NEVER good for you. We often are advised to stay away from saturated fats. But, not all saturated fats are bad for you!! Coconut oil is a great fat source. Animal fat can also help provide needed components for many healing mechanisms in the body (enough said for now, without chasing a rabbit). Unsaturated fats are touted as being all GOOD. Not so!

I will allow this absolute though:

Trans fats are ALWAYS bad. period.

While not all saturated fats are bad, not all unsaturated fats are good. Advertising would have us think that any unsaturated vegetable oil is ok – again, not so!
Canola oil is TERRIBLE. It comes from rapeseed – all genetically modified. The same can be said for soybean and corn oil.

What are good fats??

Nuts, such as almonds and walnuts as well as their oils
Olives and olive oil
Coconuts and coconut oil
Avocados and avocado oil
A little butter is fine!
Small amounts of animal fat are fine too.

Side Note: Cook with coconut oil… not olive oil!!! Stay tuned for more on this..

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