In the Crapper

In the Crapper

This blog post is completely in the crapper – sorry but it is necessary!

Dr. Bernard Jensen asserted, “death begins in the colon.”

So in the interest of life over death, let’s talk a bit about poop.  I know it isn’t a topic that most people want to discuss, but the truth is, it is vital to your wellness. The state of your bowels is a good indicator of your overall health.


When most people are asked if they are constipated, the answer is almost always “No, I go once a day or every other day.”  . The frequency of bowel movements depends on the person but, on average, a person should have 3 bowel movements per day. Every time you eat, you should eliminate. Yes, I am serious!

What is a Healthy Bowel Movement?

So, what is a healthy BM?  First let’s talk about what a healthy stool is not.  Here are the Poop Commandments!

Thou shalt not strain – it means you are dehydrated

Thou shalt not pass “rocks” or “pellets” – again, you are dehydrated

Thou shalt not pass watery stool – aka diarrhea – this is a form of constipation

Thou shalt not stink up the bathroom – not everyone’s poop smells bad!

If we are properly hydrated the stool will “swoosh” or slide into the bowl and should form into an “S” shape (which is the shape of our intestines.)

Gut Sense has a chart that you can look at to see what your stool should look like. Seriously,they do!

If you find that you may be constipated, here are a few things you can do:

1. Drink more water!!!!

2. Add more fiber to your diet. Vegetables and fruits are great sources of fiber.

3. Exercise. When you move your body, it moves your intestines!

4. Magnesium-it irritates  the lining of your bowels (aiding peristalsis) and will help you eliminate.

5. Prunes!


If you need further help, feel free to contact us at K6 Wellness Center

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