Are EMF’s Affecting your Sleep?

Are EMF’s Affecting your Sleep?

Sleep is extremely important to our health because that is  when our body heals, repairs, and rejuvenates. Since we spend so much time in our bedrooms, we need to consider how much electricity might be polluting it and interfering with our sleep.  It is important that your bedroom is a safe place with low electromagnetic field (EMF) issues. Our bedrooms are filled with televisions, alarm clocks, cell or portable phones, i pods, WIFI, electric blankets just to name a few. Most of the items are near us while we sleep, giving off EMF radiation. EMF’s can have a negative effect on our health.

Sleeping in a room with a lot of electrical fields can hinder you falling into a deep sleep. Exposure to elevated levels of electricity, especially at night, can cause headaches, depression, fatigue, eye strain, muscle cramps and nightmares.

Steps to take to lower EMF’s. 

1. Simplify your sleep space. Try not to have your office in you bedroom.

2. Place all electrical equipment, including your clock, as afar away from the head of your bed as possible, because electrical currents may interfere with sleep.

3. Protect yourself from cordless phones. A cordless phone base station placed about two feet from your head and plugged in for three minutes at a time can significantly disrupt your health.

4. Use green plants in the room, as they help absorb electromagnetic fields.

5. Use a Gauss meter which is a hand-held device that measures EMF’s in your home.


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