Are you a “diet failure”?

With so many pre-packaged,convenient diet programs available, why even look at this page??
Because you are a unique indiviual with a unique body that has unique needs! While working within a 3 Phase Prgram, K6 Wellness Center will help you accomplish your weight loss goals according to what works for you. Using real food, quality nutritional supplements (where indicated), and scientifically proven lifestyle changes, you will soon be living life with new found energy and motivation! More than that, your body will take care of you when you take care of your body.

PHASE 1 – Detox

2 – 4 weeks
These first weeks will give your body a jump-start into your new healthy lifestyle.
This phase will get your metabolism revved up, increase your energy, and
ensure all your elimination systems are working efficiently so the weight will start coming off!

PHASE 2 – Body Conversion

Duration dependent on goals
This phase focuses on:
Burning fat * Toning/Gaining muscle
Healthy eating * Healthy drinking * Healthy thinking
Includes instruction on exercise and lifestyle habits.

PHASE 3 – Maintenance

6-8 weeks
You did it!!! You met your goals!!!
This phase is all about making your new lifestyle habits permanent,
weaning down/off supplements and breaking any habits that still need addressed.