Time For A Change

Time For A Change

quote 1I recently became very convicted of how certain foods and habits had sneaked back into my daily life. Because I am an autoimmune sufferer who prefers life without the symptoms of my condition, I forced myself to sit down and take a more serious look at what needed to happen in my life to improve my situation. Here is  a partial list of my transgressions:

  • Stress is out of control
  • Wine is my favorite “de-stresser”
  • I let the Texas heat serve as a good excuse not to go outside and exercise
  • I have been eating in a thoughtless manner due to a chaotic schedule and poor planning

If I had only committed one of the above sins, it would have been ok – but I went ALL the way off the cliff.  Hey, sometimes, life is hard and we are all only human after all. I know better, but I didn’t do what I knew was best – but it all changed last week.

As per my usual mode of operation, I took inventory of any potential hostages / participants I could charm or coerce into helping me get back on track. I  turned to my two best friends from high school – T and C have graciously (kind of) agreed to embark on my journey with me. I will be posting about our progress in the coming months so don’t miss out. This experience is not just about doing a detox or diet. This is about getting our habits, thoughts and relationships in top shape. T and C will each be doing guest posts through the next few months to give their insights on our journey, it is gonna be good!

We are starting our journey with the Whole 30 simply because neither of them (T and C) have ever done this eating plan before and it is a great method to clean out the crap in the food department. We are also doing an inspirational book study so our ‘head game” is on point! We will be rewarding ourselves with a Celebration trip at day 100-ish.

Complete health is physical, mental and spiritual. It is so easy to let one fall through the cracks but when that happens, the other two aspects of health suffer. Have you been there? Do you need a change?

How about you, have you let some of your strong resolve and good habits slip away? Identify your problem, make a plan, and do better! Need help?  Let me know… I’m here for you!

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  • Casey Avenriep
    August 20, 2015 at 8:59 am

    Wow! What an inspiring challenge! Can’t wait to see how T and C do on their quest for renewed health and wellness!