Aromatherapy for Health

Aromatherapy for Health

botanical_extractI love essential oils! I have been using them for about 16 years now for everything from air freshener to first aid. Now, unless you live under a rock, you have probably had your social media feeds flooded at times with various companies selling essential oils via network marketing. While I get weary of seeing so much of the same thing over and over, it does make me so VERY happy to see more people using essential oils on a daily basis. I recently noticed that much of the helpful information about different applications for essential oils have been removed due to FDA threats and maybe a few overzealous essential oil salespeople. I am trained in aromatherapy and as a Naturopath, I would be remiss to not pass along some useful information to help fill the void that has been left because, let’s face it…. essential oils work and big pharma doesn’t like it.

I will post several times in the next several weeks about some very powerful and accessible oils and their uses. If you have questions, please leave your questions in the comment section and I will be happy to answer!

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