K6 Wellness Center believes that TKM® can help many people.  Read more about it below.

The King Institute Method®, or simply TKM®, focuses on another system of the human body that has recently been discovered to be the foundation of other systems. It is the electrical system (or bio-electromagnetic system). According to basic science, everything that exists is electromagnetic energy. When we refer to this energy in the human body, we sometimes call it bio-electromagnetic energy. The proven theory is that electrical energy circulates through our bodies in certain patterns, like a current. When the electrical “current” in a person’s body is flowing properly throughout its established circuits, the body is healthy. But, if problems in a circuit restrict the current from flowing freely or cause it to deviate from its established pathway, various types of illnesses and imbalances in the body result. The disrupted conductivity directly affects the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn can affect most physical, mental and emotional functions.

TKM is the use of basic physiological physics to help restore the correct circulation or conductivity of the electrical system in the body. A TKM professional, whether working on him- or herself or someone else, places usually the middle three fingers of both hands lightly on two different and precise locations on the body over clothing. The positive polarity of the right palm and fingers and the negative polarity of the left palm and fingers stimulate the body’s energy to move in the same manner electricity is stimulated to move, traveling along established pathways from the location of one hand to the other. Then it circulates onward through the pathways that return the electrical current to the other hand’s location. Enhancing this flow of bio-electromagnetic circulation promotes proper blood and lymphatic circulation, increased CNS (central nervous system) conductivity and enzyme activity, all of which are important to rejuvenate the body’s systems.

A TKM “Sequence” refers to a series of positions for the placement of a student’s or professional’s hands on him- or herself or on a patient. One holds a position for several minutes. Normally, a complete session takes about an hour. The touch of the person’s hands on the recipient’s body is light, and there is no pressure or rubbing. The body responds to the treatment easily without irritation to its systems, unlike certain other Eastern modalities such as acupuncture. This gentle, natural way of stimulating the vital bio-electromagnetic system to circulate properly, results in coherence, producing no negative repercussions. In addition, the treatments are very effective in relieving tension, stress and pain.

Natural medicine addresses incoherence in the mind and emotions as well as the physical body. Restoring order to the body, mind and emotions has been shown to be highly effective in resolving many states of disease. The TKM professional does not limit his or her focus to the isolated symptoms but rather attempts to help resolve the health needs of the whole person. For example, if a person is angry, there will be an immediate effect on the body, such as an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Powerful emotions can have marked physical and mental effects as well as the spiritual ramifications. One incoherent system negatively affects the whole body.

TKM’s holistic approach stands in contrast to traditional Western medicine, which too often sees the human being as a collection of separate systems, each system needing its own specialist or drug. Many people will take an aspirin in order to help a headache or an antacid to relieve indigestion. This approach merely suppresses the symptoms. And while a person might find temporary relief, the headache or indigestion will tend to recur if the cause is not addressed. TKM, on the other hand, works to eliminate the cause of the problem, thus alleviating it completely.

No AMA- or FDA-approved double-blind/placebo studies have been conducted to date concerning TKM’s efficacy in treating illness. However, empirical observation has proven that TKM can help with virtually any state of disease that can disturb the optimal homeostasis of the body or mind. TKM procedures have enabled many people to regain physical functions, repair and improve mental functions, and build stronger emotional health. TKM has been consistently shown to help a great variety of physical impairments ranging from inconvenient conditions such as insomnia, broken bones and dizziness to life-threatening conditions such as leukemia, cancer and heart attack. TKM also helps mental disabilities such as dyslexia, ADD, compulsive disorders, addictions, Down syndrome, autism and many other challenges. In addition, TKM can substantially improve or eliminate emotional difficulties such as anger, depression and fear issues.

Anatomical and biological studies have revealed impressive evidence in support of TKM. Nevertheless, the most compelling evidence continues to be the personal restoration of thousands of people who have used the method to overcome many different afflictions and restore their health.

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