Turkey Bacon Wrap

Turkey Bacon Wrap


I’m also looking for new lunch ideas.  My normal go-to lunch is a salad, but this week I tried something different….and it was delicious! The bacon and avocado were perfect.  My 12 year old loved it!

Ingredients for one wrap:

2 pieces of iceberg lettuce

2 slices of nitrate-free turkey

3 slices of bacon

onion, tomato, and avacado slices

spicy mustard

1. Cook bacon until crispy

2. Take 2 pieces of iceberg lettuce leaves and open them up. Layer the turkey on the bottom, folding it in half. Layer the rest of the ingredients, ending with the avocado. Top with spicy mustard.

3. Wrap the lettuce tightly around the meat and toppings using a toothpick to keep it closed. Cut in half.


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