Apple Nachos

Apple Nachos

apple nachos

Do you need a healthy snack for you and your family? Apple Nachos are all over the internet, so I couldn’t wait to try them. I was not disappointed. This snack has quickly become a favorite of our family. When you are making these nachos, remember, anything goes! You can add your favorite nut, blueberries, sliced strawberries, or even drizzle dark chocolate.


  • 2-3 apples (I prefer Honeycrisp or Gala)
  • nut butter
  • dried unsweetened coconut chips
  • dark chocolate chips (I prefer Enjoy Life brand.)
  • cashews (toasted)
  • chopped pecans (toasted)


1. Slice the apples very thin and arrange over plate.

2. Drizzle nut butter all over the apples. (I heated up  he nut butter, so it poured a bit easier. I added a tsp of coconut oil to my nut butter to make it thinner.  You can also add it to a pastry bag to make drizzling easier.)

3. Sprinkle with  coconut chips, chocolate chips, and nuts.

Serve immediately.


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