What Your Tongue Has to Say About Your Health

What Your Tongue Has to Say About Your Health

How often do you stick your tongue out in the mirror? Have you ever watched someone sing on TV and thought, “How did their tongue get so yellow/black/white, etc.?”

I recently attended a class on Tongue and Fingernail Analysis with Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi in Ananheim, CA. I learned his method of Tongue and Fingernail Analysis and was amazed at the decades of published reports recounting the accuracy of his method.  He has truly helped save hundreds, if not thousands of lives with his proven diagnosis method and stellar products.

Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi and Sharon Krahn, ND Feb 2014

I am happy to now be able to integrate this skill into my practice! Here are some examples of what can be determined by analyzing the tongue.

According to Chinese Medicine, the tongue is a map of the body:

The color of the tongue can also tell us about what system, meridian, organ, etc. is under stress:

  • A yellow coating on the tongue can signify a digestive problem
  • A white coating on the tongue can signify  a lung problem
  • A black coating on the tongue can signify a kidney problem

Where the coating occurs on the tongue can also further assist you in knowing what systems to support, as well as other markings such as teeth marks, cracking, spikes, and other indicators.  I will refrain from possibly nauseating you by showing pictures on this post… maybe later! However, if you want to comment on this post and share a picture, feel free – I will comment back with my observations.

Of course, one must consider more than simply color or location of markings when determining what health issues are at play. There is much, much more to be gleaned from simply looking at your tongue!

If you would like to see what your tongue and fingernails have to say about your health, especially as related to heart, digestive, cancer, and hormone health… give us a call. It takes only 30 minutes to complete.

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