How does computerized testing work?

How does computerized testing work?

ElectroDermal Screening, BioEnergetic Testing, Interrogatory Feedback – all are names for the type of testing we do at K6 Wellness Center.

What is it? This is fun to explain!

In the early 1950s, Reinhold Voll, a German medical doctor, developed an electronic testing device for finding acupuncture points electrically. He was successful in finding acupuncture points and demonstrating that these points, known to Chinese acupuncturists for millennia, had a different resistance to a tiny electrical current passed through the body, than did the adjacent tissues. Many other researchers have also verified that electrical conductance at the acupuncture points is significantly greater than the surrounding tissue.

Voll discovered that certain acupuncture points showed abnormal readings when subjects were reacting allergically. He made several serendipitous discoveries related to “allergy” testing. He noted some unusual readings on certain acupuncture points when a patient had a bottle of medicine in his pocket. He could remove the bottle and consistently get different readings when the bottle was in his pocket compared to when it was not. At first he was baffled as to how a closed bottle of medicine outside the body could affect the acupuncture readings. It was even more baffling when he discovered that the glass bottle of medicine could change the readings when it was in contact anywhere along the closed electric circuit involved with the testing procedure. Voll and his colleagues then began work to identify the nature of this strange phenomena. They inserted a metal plate into the circuit and demonstrated that many substances that prelude changes in acupuncture point readings when ingested could produce the same changes when placed on the plate (even in closed glass bottles). They assumed that there must be some kind of electro-magnetic energy being emitted from the substances, and that these energy fields somehow traveled along the electric circuit to the body (perhaps like the energy waves representing a person’s voice travels along the electric circuitry of a telephone line).

This is a great demonstration of how everything in the universe has its own unique energetic identity. When I say energetic, I am referring to physics, not woo-woo. You see this in nature everywhere. Mother cows know which calf is theirs by their scent – that is a unique energetic identity. Some people react badly to peanuts – even when they can’t see them, smell or taste them – that is a unique energetic identity. The brain is hard at work identifying things in the world around us: perceived threats, needed nutrients, beneficial emotions, etc.

With a computer system like IQS or ZYTO (the 2 systems we use at K6), each “item” has its own unique energetic identity in the form of a logarithm that differentiates it from everything else. This is what the brain recognizes and responds to. There is also a voltmeter that measures the normal currents running through the body and how those currents change in the presence of different foods, pollen, nutrients, hormones, emotions, etc.  This is how we obtain our information about what systems and organs are stressed and how to best address the situation. By testing a large population of people, normal ranges were established. When the body gives a reading outside of the normal range, too high or too low, it is indicative of an energy disturbance due to the presence of whatever “item” is being tested. If the body cannot break down milk, there will be an abnormal reading when the body’s energy is tested in the presence of milk. Anything can be tested this way. Though this is not a diagnostic tool, it is extremely sensitive to changes in the body’s energetic flow and can be very useful in finding out how to best balance the body in such situations.



This type of testing also lends itself to customized health care because we don’t “treat” symptoms or labels. We are most concerned about giving the body a strong foundation with which it can automatically address any number of health issues, diseases and symptoms.

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