Natural Treatments Swimmer’s Ear

Natural Treatments Swimmer’s Ear

Summertime brings many opportunities to enjoy the water but it can also spell disaster for those who suffer from “swimmer’s ear”. This occurs when fluid builds up in the ear canal and can even be behind the eardrum. My daughter recently experienced this. Here is how we took care of it without the use of drugs.

There are several methods you can use to get relief from the pressure and pain of fluid in the ear. Whichever works for you, be sure to take precaution when returning to the water soon after experiencing swimmer’s ear. Earplugs may be needed!

1. Heat rice in a sock and use it as a heating pad on the ear. This will help relieve the pain associated with fluid in the ears.

2. Make a solution of 1 part isopropyl alcohol and 1 part vinegar. Put several drops in ear and let set for several minutes. This will help dry up the ear canal.

3. Turn a blow dryer on low and blow it in the ear from a safe distance. This can help dry the ear as well.

4. Garlic oil (Soak several Garlic cloves in olive oil overnight to make your own) can be applied in the ear to help prevent infection and relieve pressure and pain.

5. Anti-inflammatories such as Protease or SerraEnzyme taken every few hours help relieve pain.

6. Colloidal Silver drops in the ear help to kill bacteria that could cause infection.

7. Rife technology provides a program for swimmer’s ear that can really help provide immediate pain relief.


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