Effective Alternatives for Allergies

Effective Alternatives for Allergies

With Allergy season in full swing, we want to give you some EFFECTIVE alternatives to dangerous prescription and OTC medications:

BioSET – uncovers hidden sensitivities to food and environmental substances. Using homeopathics and a unique acupressure technique, you can be “allergy” free this spring!

TKM – Using ancient eastern wisdom and knowledge of God’s wonderful design of our bodies – TKM serves to release congested energy flow, alleviating sinus pressure, congestion, sleeplessness, pain, and boosting immune function.

Rife –  We use Rife to support the recovery of such health issues as cancer, allergies, digestive complaints, auto-immune disorders and much, much more!Rife machines generate vibrational energy fields. Rather than heating up a cell or object with destructive heat like a microwave does, Rife generates mechanical vibration without destructive heat at such a level and intensity that it literally shatters or breaks up the objective (crystal glass, virus cell, cancer cell, parasite, spirochetes, etc.)

Bowen Therapy – Whatever the level of asthma, or similar respiratory problems, Bowen often seems to reduce the level of attack very quickly, and effectively. A number of Case Studies forming part of a study over several years will illustrate how very successful the technique is proving to be.

As Bowen is both very gentle and non-invasive, there is no danger in using it with asthma and other respiratory conditions. Treatment usually does not need to be continuous, and often just a very few sessions will change the situation for the sufferer. Bowen very often achieves the release of tightness in the chest which aids both asthmatics and other respiratory sufferers.


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