Do You Eat Your Feelings?

Do You Eat Your Feelings?

Do You Eat Your Feelings?

Get ready for the Holidays with this great opportunity!!!

Now through Thanksgiving:

Customized Emotional Balance Evaluation (15 min): $10

November and December can be the most difficult months of the year for many of us. Financial stress, family dramas, and trying to stay healthy can take a toll in many ways. This year, don’t eat or drink your emotions, let us help! Using Zyto technology, we can customize an emotional balance for you using flower essences so you can take your “calm & happy” with you all season long!


Food Sensitivity Screening (1 hr): $75

Not sure what foods to enjoy this season? Let us help! Our Food Sensitivity Screen will give you a report with all the foods that will help you feel good…. and the ones that won’t! Feel free to bring some of your favorite foods and snacks from home. Knowing what foods work for you can help you make better decisions and avoid unwanted weight gain during the holidays. Don’t let food get the best of you – take control and have a plan!


Appointments are limited so reserve your spot today!!!

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