Ask Sharon {Seasonal Allergies}

Ask Sharon {Seasonal Allergies}


How can I get rid of my seasonal allergies?


BioSet can be very successful in dealing with most of our clients seasonal allergies.

It is comprised of three branches of healing:

  • Nutritional Therapy  consisting of – enzyme therapy, nutrition, and proper diet
  • Organ-specific Detoxification using homeopathic remedies
  • Revolutionary, non-invasive allergy desensitization technique

BioSET  employs electro-dermal testing (Interrogatory feedback / galvanic skin testing) for evaluation purposes. BioSET energetically balances meridians/organs/systems that have been blocked due to sensitivities which have produced a multiplicity of health symptoms that can become chronic. This natural, non-invasive, desensitization can clear most sensitivities. Many sensitivities are permanently eliminated when coupled with the proper diet and supplements.

Call or email K6 Wellness Center to see if BioSET ® is an appropriate therapy for you. Contact information can be found here

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