Ask Sharon {Gall Bladder Removed?}

Ask Sharon {Gall Bladder Removed?}

It has been a while since we’ve answered questions that we receive  from clients? Here’s one of our most recent questions:

I’ve had my gall bladder removed, but I’m still having stomach issues. What should I do?


Sharon’s reply:
Your gallbladder is not an “extra” organ! It is essential for properly digesting proteins and fats. When it is removed, your ability to do this is further impaired. I recommend using a digestive enzyme every time you eat to aid in the digestion and absorption of your food. Better yet, see a Naturopath who is trained to deal with digestive deficiencies – such as a BioSET Practitioner.


Sharon Krahn


 Sharon is a Traditional Naturopath, a Premier BioSET Practitioner and the owner of K6 Wellness Center. You can read more about Sharon’s story and what she has to offer here. 
Contact Sharon at 214-352-7546 or
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