Alternative to Allergy Medications

Alternative to Allergy Medications

Allergy season is in full swing – how are you doing?

If you are suffering, consider these EFFECTIVE alternatives to dangerous prescription and OTC medications:

BioSET – uncovers hidden sensitivities to food and environmental substances. Using homeopathics and a unique acupressure technique, you can be “allergy” free this spring!

TKM – Using ancient eastern wisdom and knowledge of God’s wonderful design of our bodies – TKM serves to release congested energy flow, alleviating sinus pressure, congestion, sleeplessness, pain, and boosting immune function.

Want to try? Call and make an appointment – TKM is designed to be done in several sessions over a short period of time to alleviate acute issues. See our website for pricing.

Products to consider:

Sinus Relief helps to relieve nasal congestion as well as runny nose and watery eyes common to allergy season.

Nose & Throat provides anti-microbial support and respiratory support for the upper respiratory system. This is very effective at relieving nasal congestion and fighting off sinus infection.


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