Dealing with ADD/ADHD in your Child

Dealing with ADD/ADHD in your Child

The Naturopaths,  at K6 Wellness,  receive several emails from clients who have various questions about their health, family, and lifestyle.
One of our most resent question comes from a concerned parent.


My son has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Is there anything you can do? What can I do as a parent to help him?”

Sharon’s reply:
ADD/ADHD is rampant among our nation’s youth and adults. My thoughts on this may not be popular or easy to hear if you or someone in your family deals with ADD/ADHD but here it goes anyway!  This is a “lifestyle” disorder – it is directly related to the amount of sugar, processed foods, and trans fats consumed.  I was recently appalled to learn that a MD was actually conducting a study to find out if there is a link between ADHD and sugar consumption.
As a parent, you are responsible for nourishing your child. Do it and do it well. The first thing you should do is throw out the sugar, chips, soda, processed foods and anything that has high fructose corn syrup or sugar in the first 5 ingredients. By the way, it isn’t good for you either!  Next, insist on a regular bedtime during weeknights that will allow your child to get 9-11 hours of sleep. Ten o’clock at night is too late for your kids to stay up.  The latest your  younger students should stay up is 9:00 pm. 

Parents, ask yourself if you are content to drug your child into oblivion and allow them to live that way the rest of their lives – not being able to fully experience the whole realm of human emotion due to the constant drug induced stupor you have allowed them to exist in. If you are a parent and suffer ADD/ADHD yourself, get help from a nutritionist or Naturopath and overhaul your lifestyle. It’s good for you and your family!

As a closing thought, it is my opinion that we do not have these “diseases” in epidemic proportions due to any single factor other than our toxic, convenience-based lifestyles that we Americans think we are entitled to. Get real!  Eat real food, drink real water and do real activities. Don’t cheat yourself out of experiencing life to the fullest by eating fake food, drinking colored crap water and only experiencing virtual experiences via the computer or TV.

I’m now stepping off my soapbox….


 Sharon is a Traditional Naturopath, a Premier BioSET Practitioner and the owner of K6 Wellness Center. You can read more about Sharon’s story and what she has to offer here. 
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