Choosing Skin Care

Choosing Skin Care

K6 Skin CareIn today’s society, it is so important to avoid adding extra toxins into your body. Most people are choosing to eat organic and drink clean water, but what you put IN your body isn’t the only thing that matters.  Choosing what to put ON your body is important also.

I found this article on Here is an excerpt:

“Our skin, the largest eliminatory organ in the body and our first line of immunity, is permeable to all chemicals. Medical research shows that significant amounts of cosmetic ingredients, including carcinogenic substances, penetrate the skin and end up in the blood stream. Many chemicals in cosmetics don’t cause obvious signs of toxicity on the skin but slowly poison us thorough repeated use.”

With so many skin care products available, how do you know which one to chose? I’ve been in your shoes. As a Naturopath almost every case I encounter in my practice includes some type of skin symptom so it was essential that I find a skin care  line I could feel good about recommending. Seeing so many clients struggling to find skin care products that would actually work without adding to their existing health issues and the fact that I have four daughters, I started searching for the best skin products available.

Using my knowledge of enzymes, herbs, essential oils and nutrition, I thoroughly researched many skin care lines and found several that looked promising and were somewhat effective. However, the majority of them turned out to be either way over-priced  or unsafe due to the maker’s philosophical opposition to preservatives. (The problem with not using preservatives is that the product essentially becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and thrive.) Finally, I decided to create my own skin care line.

Working with a great laboratory with decades of experience and a top-notch chemist, I was able to develop safe, effective, organic, aloe based, natural skin care products that merge the best of nature with the latest technology to deliver a great product to Health and Beauty Professionals wanting to offer a superior product to their clientele, especially those with hyper-sensitive skin. I have used our K6 Essentials Collection products in my practice on clients with many different skin issues and have had great results.ENV - Group 1-Merged-ScrnOur goal is to be your COMPLETE skin care company. Whether you are dealing with a skin problem or you simply want to look your very best, we want to provide products that are natural, gentle, and effective. We are not driven to make our clients look artificially young, rather to look healthy, vibrant, and youthful at every age.


If you would like to see for yourself the K6 difference, call us to order your products. 214-352-7546

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