Sugar and Kids

Sugar and Kids


Several parents I know feel guilty when they cut out sugar from their kid’s diet. As a parent, I understand. No one wants to make their child feel as if they are different from everyone else. Who wants to go to a birthday party and eat carrot sticks while everyone else is having cake! But let’s look at the bigger picture. How does sugar negatively affect your child? Is sugar changing his/her  behavior? Is your child unmanageable?

Patricia Hardman, Ph.D. is the Director of Woodland Hall Academy, a school for children  with hyperactivity and learning disabilities. She said, “We can change a child’s behavior dramatically by lowering his or her intake of sugar. If a child comes to school extremely depressed or complains that nothing is going right, or if he flies off the handle and can’t be controlled, we ask him what he’s been eating. Its almost always the case that the night before he had ice cream or soda or some other food with a lot of sugar.”

“We had one child who was tested for his I.Q and scored a 140. Three days later he was tested and scored 100! It turned out that grandma had come for a visit and, that morning, had made the child pancakes for breakfast. Of course, they were smothered in store-bought sugary syrup. We waited another three days without sugar and tested him again. Sure enough, he scored 140. There’s no doubt about it. Sugar makes children poor learners.”*

Definitely sugar affect our bodies and our children’s bodies. Not only does sugar modify children’s behavior,  sugar is empty calories (no nutrients beyond calories) that put kids at risk of obesity and health problems that can show up as early as adolescence.

Okay, you know sugar is bad, but what do you do?

1. First of all, read all labels. Know what you are buying. Sugar goes by other names, as well.  Here’s a great list of Names for Sugar.

2.  Cut out soda, Kool-aid, sports drinks, etc. They are mainly sugar. Drink WATER! Add lemon and a sprig of mint to make it special.

3. There are so many things out there today that will help you. You can bake cookies, cakes, ice-cream, etc without sugar….and they taste wonderful! Your kids won’t know the difference. Our recipe for Banana-Nut Cookies is a great place to start.  (Be sure to subscribe to our blog by submitting your email address, so you won’t miss an post!)

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You can do it! Let us know how we can help you!

*quotes from Health Freedom News

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