Healthy Halloween Snacks

Healthy Halloween Snacks

It is so important to feed your family healthy during cold and flu season to keep their immune system at it’s best, but it  can be difficult when everywhere we turn we are inundated with Halloween candy. We know that sugar weakens our immune system, so let’s look at other ideas to keep Halloween festive without having our children feel like they are missing out on all the sugary junk!

veggie skelton

Kids will LOVE this veggie skeleton found at Feeding Frenzy.

stuffed roaches

We love these “Stuffed Roaches” from To make these stuffed cockroaches, slice a date in half and fill it with a teaspoon of sweetened cream cheese. You can amp up the gross factor by placing plastic cockroaches around your serving dish.


stuffed peppers

These Stuffed Peppers from For the Love of Food and Photography are so much fun!

carrot patch hummus

Carrot Patch Hummus from Parents

Slice carrots into disks, slide them on toothpicks with a piece of parsley (for the “pumpkin stem”), and serve them with your favorite hummus dip.


I love these witches’ hand. Our recipe for our Homemade Popcorn is delicious for this fun treat.


Orange Jack-O-Lantern Cups from Frugal Coupon Living 


These Frankenstein Kiwi’s are the best!!!  They are hilarious and I know kids will LOVE these great treats.

Need more ideas?


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