Green on the GO!

Green on the GO!

As you may remember from a previous post, green veggies offer lots of vitamins and minerals. Are you and your family getting enough “greens”?

I always laugh when a busy mom tells me that she feeds her family from the fast food window because she doesn’t have time to cook.  As a working mom with 4 daughters in a million activities, I understand this problem. But let me assure you that busyness  isn’t an excuse for eating unhealthy foods.

Greens to the rescue!!  This is the perfect backdrop to insert fresh veggies in your family’s diet!  There is no fast food faster than running into the grocery to pick up a bag of salad, a cucumber or other veggie and a roasted chicken. If you are eating in the car, just have the veggie or fruit  in the car and finish the meal later when you get home. Who says we need to have all our courses served at once?

I made my daughters actually time  me running into the store and picking up dinner vs. a fast-food run.  The grocery store is definitely faster, by about 4 minutes!

Some of our favorite  fruits and veggies to eat on the go are:
carrot sticks
sugar snap peas
Apple slices
Cut up cantalope
cherry tomatoes

I have found if you pack a compartmentalized lunch box with healthy options for your kids, they will be more likely to eat the good stuff! I love these lunch boxes from Planet Box.  They are so fun!

Feeding your family greens can be simple. Remember if you “fail to plan, plan to fail.”

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