First Aid Naturally {Extracting}

First Aid Naturally {Extracting}

If your medicine chest has traditionally consisted of aspirin, ibuprofen, anti-itch cream, etc.,  let me introduce you to some natural alternatives.

We have already discussed  cleaningsoothing and relieving headaches and pain. Our topic today will extracting.

Nothing evoked fear like seeing my Grandpa pull out his pocketknife to dig out a splinter from the bottom of my foot! Likewise, wasp and bee stings being pulled out with tweezers or needles made my stomach turn! I remember being stung on the head by a wasp at the age of 9. I was so afraid of my dad taking a needle to my head that I didn’t tell my parents I had been stung. Two weeks later my head began to itch incessantly in class and as I scratched it, the abscess that had formed around the stinger burst and nastiness poured down my hair. (By the way, I hope you aren’t eating as you read this).

Instead of using common instruments of torture such as pocket knives, needles and tweezers (actually tweezers aren’t that bad), consider using a clay mask containing bentonite clay, aloe vera and other cleansing ingredients. Also, TKM has an extraction step where you place your left palm over the object to be extracted and place your right palm on top of your left hand at a 90 degree angle. Both palms are facing the object to be extracted – sound strange? I agree, but it works fabulously!! You can use this on loose teeth, splinters, stingers and other small objects.

If you find yourself with something more dire, say a bullet, golf club or otherwise large and dangerous object implanted in your body, please seek medical attention ASAP! Nobody does emergency medicine better than the ER!

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