Are you drinking high quality water?  Eating organic food?  Exercising and getting plenty of fresh air?  Then you don’t need to detox, right?  WRONG!  Everyone needs to clean out their system from time to time. Just as your car requires an oil change every so often to keep the engine running smoothly, so your body needs a change from its normal daily routine to give focused attention to flushing and supporting your major filtering organs.
How this is done can be accomplished in many ways. What we NEVER recommend is choosing a detoxification program with no understanding of how the ingredients work and on what organs they will have the most impact. You may want to focus on your kidneys but end up with a program that will only work on your colon — oops!

Save yourself the confusion and get professional help. K6 Wellness Center has the expertise and resources you need to get an accurate detoxification plan, including which organ(s) you need to focus on supporting and how to best pursue that.

K6 Wellness Center also offers Group Detoxification Programs throughout the year. As a general rule, you should do a cleanse with the changing of the seasons. You can participate in a Group Detoxification Program or a more targeted cleanse, depending on your needs. It’s always nice to have moral support including group meetings, encouraging emails and follow-up meetings to keep you headed in the right direction. Our Group Detoxification Schedule is listed below or you can call us for an individual plan.

Group Detoxification Programs for 2013
February 2013 – Bowel Cleanse – 5 days
April 2013 – Liver Cleanse – 5 days
June 2013 – Kidney CLeanse – 5 days
August 2013 – Whole Body Cleanse – 21 days
October – Juice Fast – 3-5 days