Asthma and Allergy Facts

Did you know that May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month?  We put together a list that this a must know if you suffer from asthma and allergies. 10 Asthma & Allergy Facts You NEED to Know 1. May is peak of the season for asthma...


Circuit Workouts

Is it your goal to get in shape in 2014? Don't wait until the new year, now is the best time to begin! Even if you already workout, it would be good to change things up a bit. Changing up your workout routines will help prevent...


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! To celebrate it being Friday, we are showing our favorite pins from Pinterest this week. Have you followed K6 Wellness on Pinterest, yet? Paleo Strawberry Banana Pie via Paleo Recipe Queen Homemade Baby Wipes via The New Lighter Life via Domestic diy via pumps & iron ...


Making a Change

Getting healthy requires discipline,  hard work, and sacrifice. dis·ci·pline (verb):: to bring to a state of order and obedience by training and control. Yes, it's hard work to break old habits and to get healthy. It requires giving up certain foods. It requires sweating. It requires making  changes. It requires discipline.  It won't be easy. If it was easy everyone...


Weight-Bearing Exercises

What better time to discuss exercising than right before summer begins?  Everyone wants to look healthy and lean before getting into shorts, tanks, and swimsuits. Exercise will go right along with the “New You” weight loss program K6 is beginning this month! Today we are going...


Tips on Becoming a Runner

With the weather getting warmer, it is the perfect time to get off the couch and start exercising.  Exercise has so many benefits, such as weight loss, it helps combat high blood pressure, improves your mood and  boosts your energy. One of my favorite forms of exercise is...