Water and Weightloss

Now that you know how important water is in your overall health, (you can read the post here)  did you also know that water can help with weight loss? Water is an overlooked resource by those wanting to lose weight.  Most dieters confuse hunger and thirst....


Drink up!

Most people walk around dehydrated and don't even know it. Water is the perfect fluid replacement. Water: regulates body temperature carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells cushions joints protects organs and tissues removes toxins maintains strength and endurance   Water makes up 92% of you blood and plasma and 50 % of everything...


Healthy Eating Checklist

Healthy eating takes planning. It is not always easy, but it is always worth it. Food is fuel and you want to fuel your body with the best. We've put together a list that will help you plan as you begin to eat healthy. Checklist for Eating...


Break your Sugar Addiction

During the month of June, we are focusing on FOOD and CLEAN EATING!  I can't wait to share with you all that we have in store, from grocery lists to amazing recipes, but first I wanted to let you know about our 10 Day Detox...


Strawberry-Rhubarb Cobbler

My daughter kept asking me "what kind of cobbler did you say you are making?"   At first she thought I was putting red celery in the cobbler. She had never tried rhubarb before. I love it when I introduce new fruits and vegetable to my...