July 2014

Tips on Keeping your Skin Healthy During Summer

Summer is here and it is officially HOT!  Unfortunately, during the summer, your skin takes a beating! Freckles become more pronounced, sun burns just happen despite your best efforts, and skin can end up looking dry and cracked. To help your skin, try implementing these handy...


Natural Treatments Swimmer’s Ear

Summertime brings many opportunities to enjoy the water but it can also spell disaster for those who suffer from "swimmer's ear". This occurs when fluid builds up in the ear canal and can even be behind the eardrum. My daughter recently experienced this. Here is...



  Pro-Metabolic is recommended for low thyroid function. It promotes normal TSH, T3 and T4 levels while effectively relieving symptoms of hypothyroidism. People with hypothyroidism or low thyroid function usually have at least 3 of the following symptoms: Fatigue Hair loss Unexplained weight gain Memory Loss Dry Skin Cold hands and Feet Depression...


No-Grain Plantain Pancakes

I rarely miss eating grains, but sometimes I just want to eat pancakes.  I guess my daughter has heard me talk about my love of pancakes once or twice, because one morning when I got home from the gym, these plantain pancakes were waiting for...


Perception and Wellness

Perception has a powerful impact on your entire life, including overall health and wellness. Perception shapes the way you think and creates your outlook on life. An expansive, positive outlook will allow you to function with greater ease and less stress. A limited, narrow outlook creates...


Healthy Patriotic Recipes

Can you believe it's already July!! I'm always looking for recipes that are fun and patriotic to serve, but one without Jello!!  :) Here are some fun ideas to make your Independence Day more festive!! This salsa  sounds amazing! From two peas & their pod. Love these fun fruit...